SWKGroup and World Championships join forces

The Hague, Netherlands, May 21, 2015 - The Organising Committee of the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships The Netherlands 2015 will be joined by the SWKGroep foundation it its efforts to get children involved in beach volleyball, sports and exercise.

The SWKGroep foundation is a leading company in day care and community work. Ahead of the Beach Volleyball World Championships, activities have been organised for children in The Hague and Rotterdam as a part of Spike’s Beach Tour. The SWKGroep recruits children, develops a podium programme and organises workshops.

During the World Championships, the SWKGroep will be operating a Kids' Corner in The Hague and Rotterdam, where children will be able to play, participating in a variety of activities including a treasure hunt.

"We believe sport, exercise and healthy nutrition are crucial in the development of children," said Jacob Boskma of the SWKGroep. "The Beach Volleyball  World Championships is a unique sports event. It is great that we can give children a sporty experience by this cooperation," agreed CEO Ad Doorneveld.

FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships Tournament Director Bas van de Goor said: ‘We do not merely want to set up a great sporting event. We think it is important to connect the event to the importance of sports and healthy exercise as well. Cooperating with the SWKGroup is one of the  ways to realise that ambition.”


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