A great weekend for Keemink

The Hague, Netherlands, March 10, 2015 - Wessel Keemink and partner Sven Vismans qualified for the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships The Netherlands 2015 last weekend. A day after winning the wild card event in the Hague, Keemink reached the playoffs of the Dutch national indoor volleyball league with his club Inter Rijswijk. He looks back on a special weekend.

What has happened after your qualification for the World Championships?
Wessel Keemink: "My phone has not stopped ringing since. Even people I don’t know address me and tell me they will come and see us play at the World Champs. Meanwhile I’m back to my studies again. I’m in my first year of my Masters Business Engineering."

How did you celebrate after winning the wild card?
Wessel Keemink: "After the final, we had a lovely dinner with our families. I did not stay up late as I was really tired and had to play the next day. With my indoor team Inter Rijswijk we had to win Saturday’s match to qualify for the playoffs. I hoped they would give me some rest, but I played all five sets. Fortunately we won and made it to the season finals."

What are your ambitions for the World Championships?
Wessel Keemink: "Taking part in the World Championships will be a great experience. We are assured of playing three matches in Amsterdam. We know we’ll be facing one top team we cannot beat. However, two matches remain against teams we may be able to beat. The good thing is that if you win one match, you are probably through to the next round."

Are you planning to choose either beach or indoor volleyball?
Wessel Keemink: "For the time being, I’m not planning to specialise in one of the two. I have only played beach volleyball for two years now and I think both sports are terrific. My objective is to do the best I can, either in beach or indoors."

How will you be preparing for the World Championships?
Wessel Keemink: "This week we’ll discuss the route to the Worlds with our coach and see which tournaments we’ll be playing abroad. In the coming weeks, my focus will be on the playoffs in the national indoor league. When the season is over, I will focus fully on preparations for the World Championships. From May 1-10, my agenda is blocked for a training camp in Turkey."


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