Host City Hotspots: The Dragon Boat Festival

The Hague, Netherlands, April 22, 2015 - This week's Host City Hotspots feature focuses on the Dragon Boat Festival in Apeldoorn. Keep an eye on this series if you are planning a trip to the Netherlands for this summer's FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships.

Dragon Boat Festival
The FIVB Beach Volleyball  World Championships The Netherlands 2015 open on the weekend of June 26, when another exciting event will also be taking place in Apeldoorn. From June 26-28, fans of sports, water and fun will also gather in the Dutch city for the Grolsch Dragon Boat Festival, which will feature boat races, parties, music, theater, activities for children and a huge variety of food stands along the city's riverside.

An opening concert will take place on Friday night. It will be followed by the boat races on Saturday and Sunday, with approximately 2500 competitors participating in the event. As many as one hundred thousand visitors are expected.

Dragon boat racing is a centuries-old Chinese tradition. Spurred on by loud drums, teams of sixteen rowers, one cox and one drummer sprint to the finish line. On Saturday, teams from Apeldoorn will compete, and on Sunday local communities and sports clubs will challenge each other. The races will cover a distance of 250 meters, which seems short, but is long enough to be pretty intense for participants and spectators alike.

Beach Party
A free party will take place after the races on Saturday, June 27. Visitors and teams will come together for a night of live music and dancing. Because of the Beach Volleyball World Championships, this year’s party will be a Beach Party, including a sandy beach and palm trees. Dutch and international beach (volleyball) fans are welcome to join the festivities.

During the weekend, there will be a direct connection between the beach stadium on the Market Square and the riverside event which will enable beach volleyball fans to get a taste of both events.

Grolsch Dragon Boat Festival
Riverside, Apeldoorn
June 26, 27, 28
Entrance to the races: free
DB in concert (June 26): €29,50 (pre-sale)

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