Austria’s Robin Seidl proud of his Dutch roots

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, June 28, 2015 – Austria’s Robin Seidl has participated in the World Championships before, but this 2015 edition in the Netherlands is very special for the 25-year old blocker.

“This is where my roots are. My mother is Dutch, she was born in The Hague. And actually I feel more Dutch than Austrian”, Robin explains.

Robin’s mom Cornelia fell in love with an Austrian tennis coach and moved to Austria, where the family eventually settled near Klagenfurt.

But whenever Robin’s gets to play in Holland the whole family travels with him to reconnect with the Dutch roots and cheer for Robin and his partner Alexander Huber.

“We are very, very happy whenever Robin is playing in the Netherlands”, Cornelia says. “But sometimes I am a bit confused who to cheer for. Like yesterday, when they played the Dutch. I love it when Holland is winning, but I love it more when Robin is winning.”

For Robin every trip to Holland is very special. “I love the people here, I love the places here and I love to speak Dutch. And now my whole Dutch family is coming I am happy to be here and to be part of it.”

He even feels more Dutch than Austrian. “I was brought up much more in a Dutch way than Austrian. Dutch people are more open for other cultures and other people. Austrians are living their own life. Here, when you are waiting for the bus, people come up and talk to you and are friendly. It feels more like a community.”

Although Robin and Alexander lost two out of three pool matches in Rotterdam, Robin is still hopeful they will make it to the next round. “I would like to continue to be part of this event. I think it’s great what they built here, I think it is amazing.”


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