Daan Spijkers back in the limelight

The Hague, Netherlands, March 3, 2015 - Daan Spijkers and Tim Oude Elferink will hope to earn a wild card for the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships The Netherlands 2015 on Friday, when a Dutch wild card contest will be held in The Hague.

Are you ready for the wild card tournament?
Daan Spijkers: "We are really unprepared. We have previously only trained together once and will play a tournament together for the first time on Friday. Tim and I always competed against each other in the youth selections. Mutual friends suggested that we should try playing together."

It sounds like it may be difficult for you to qualify for the World Championships?
Daan Spijkers: "You never know what will happen during a qualifying tournament. Three wins on Friday would be enough to earn us a place. It is true, however, that our main focus in on the Premier League, which could also earn us a wild card. That gives us a bit more preparation time and the opportunity to train together more often. But we could not pass up on an opportunity to participate in this tournament."

Who are your favourites to win the wild card on Friday?

Daan Spijkers: "The top favourites are Wessel Keemink and Sven Vismans. They have prepared well and will be ready, but they do have a tough draw. They play Jasper Bouter and Tom van Steenis in the first round, two young men with a bright future. They are dangerous outsiders."

Are you fit going into the tournament?
Daan Spijkers: "It's wonderful to be able to play again without any pain. Last season, I had a number of injuries, but now these problems have been resolved. In recent months, I have been trying to keep fit in the gym, but playing games is obviously different."

Are you thinking about a return to the World Tour?
Daan Spijkers: "After ten years of professional sport and the last two disappointing seasons it was time for something else. I am currently focusing on my studies. Never say never, but this is not currently part of my plans."


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