Unique new trophy unveiled for Beach Volleyball World Championships

The Hague, the Netherlands, March 30, 2015 – A brand new FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships trophy was unveiled at The Netherlands 2015 Drawing of Lots in The Hague on Monday, with the first winners set to be crowned at the tournament later this year.

The new trophy, which took over 200 hours to create, takes on a similar concept to the FIVB Volleyball Men’s and Women’s World Championship trophy, but includes several elements to make it unique to beach volleyball.

Key stats
- Height: 43.95 cm
- Width: 14.34 cm
- Weight: 8.5 kg

Made of sand cast bronze, different refinement techniques were used to give the trophy a distinctive look.

The duality of beach volleyball is illustrated through two different textures: sandy and glossy. The golden colour of the trophy stands for the magnitude of the achievement in all its glory.

The two composition parts represent the two world champions, symbolising the complimentary values needed to win in beach volleyball. A line separation divides the trophy to reflect the beach volleyball court.

It also builds imagination through the negative shape in the middle, which is a uniting point of the symmetric halves of the trophy. This cavity represents the two main elements of the sport: the sun and the ball.

Several symbols are also included, with the rough, edgy shape seen from the front representing the male, while the elegant, curved shape seen from the side representing the female. It also represents the dynamic nature of the sport while reflecting the values at its core.

The trophy base holds the names of the previous World Championship title holders and a ball print, representative of a hard spike on the sand, is printed on the bottom.

The trophy was unveiled during the Drawing of Lots for the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships The Netherlands 2015, which determined the makeup of the pools for this year’s tournament.


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