Former international Roland Rademaker happy to volunteer

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, July 2, 2015 - It has only been a season since former volleyball international Roland Rademaker (33) said his goodbyes to the court, and he just can’t stay away from the game. So he happily volunteers at the World Championships Beach Volleyball in his hometown Rotterdam this week.

Rademaker played professionally for 17 years, both indoor and beach, not only in the Netherlands but also in France, Germany and Belgium. Last year it was time for him to quit. “I had a nice career, a nice family and quite an active social life, so I had to make some decisions.” His family comes first now.

When asked whether he misses the game he doesn’t hesitate at all. “Yes, I miss it! Especially the adrenaline.”

But volunteering at the World Championships is very satisfactory. “It’s so much fun to watch all the matches, the level is very high.” As a volunteer, Rademaker helps out with the post-match interviews. “I even know some players from a long time ago. It’s nice to talk to them again.”

His love for the game and for his hometown Rotterdam is not the only reason why he has volunteered for the World Championships. It’s also because of his gratitude to the Dutch Volleyball Federation (Nevobo). “They did so much for me when I was still a player! Why not do something back for them? I am not too big for that!”

Rademaker feels especially proud of the tournament and the federation. “It’s amazing how they organised a tournament like this! I hope to see a lot more exciting.”


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