The Trophy


Story of the trophy

The conceptual design for the trophy was provided by Marco Heer of Achtung!, a creative agency known internationally for their work in brand development. Following the success of the FIVB Volleyball World Championship trophies for men and women, the objective was to create a new and long lasting trophy which would showcase the uniqueness of the event.

The concept was built around the values of beach volleyball, with the elegance and simplicity of the trophy representing the beauty and dynamic nature of the sport.

As a double gender event, the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships trophy represents both the female and male components of the event, with the duality represented in the sandy and glossy textures of the piece. In its composition the trophy also represents the two world champions, with the golden colours representing the magnitude of achieving World Champion status in all its glory.

The symmetric halves unite in a perfect circle in the middle of the trophy, representing the two main elements of the sport – the sun and the ball.

The base of the trophy serves as support for the FIVB logo and will hold the winners’ names. The ball print on the underside of the base mirrors the imprint of the ball on the sand after a hard spike.

The trophy uncovered

FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships 2015 


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